Supporting Documentation Fact Sheet

The following list is to help direct you to the right place to get the documents you need to support your World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program application. In general, documents should show your name and the location, dates/hours, and activity of your 9/11 work. Each application and its supporting documentation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and you may be asked to provide additional information if needed.

The best documents to include with your application:

How do you get these documents?
Memo books Maintained by officer
Overtime slips Maintained by officer
Roll calls or detail rosters Command’s role call unit
Command logs Command’s records
Line of duty injury form signed by officer Officer or department physician
Department communications detailing work and/or exposures at a 9/11 site signed by officer Officer should have a copy
Co-worker testimony stating first-hand knowledge of where you worked, dates, and times Co-worker or supervisor

If you are unable to find any of the documents listed above, you can also submit other types of documents that can help identify or support your location, dates, and times at the 9/11 sites. These documents may be combined to provide evidence of your work activity, location, and hours.

Other documentation, if available: How do you get these documents?

Site ID Officer should have a copy
Letter from union supporting application information Contact your union representative
WTC rosters Officer should have a copy
Award certificates for your 9/11 work Officer should have a copy
Photos of work at 9/11 site Officer or co-workers may have copies
Any documents that show your name, your work activity on 9/11, location and/or hours Varies depending on the documents provided work

If you are unable to find any documentation of your 9/11 activities, location, days, and hours you can write an explanation in your application explaining what you did to try to get any of these documents and the reason why you were unable to obtain the documents. Your explanation may be considered in determining your eligibility.

Call the WTC Health Program at 1-888-982-4748