Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t I already enrolled in this program?

Yes, if:
  • You enrolled in the Mount Sinai WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program (MMTP). That program has been replaced by the WTC Health Program.
  • You are an FDNY member who is enrolled in the FDNY WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program at the Bureau of Health Services. That program has been replaced by the WTC Health Program.
You do not need to re-apply for the WTC Health Program. NIOSH is handling your enrollment and you do not need to do anything unless you are notified. You will continue to receive medical care for WTC-related health conditions, including inpatient and outpatient treatment and medications.

If you are unsure or have any questions about your enrollment status in the WTC Health Program, contact NIOSH at: 888-982-4748

For more information on the different 9/11 assistance programs and research studies, click here.

What does the WTC Health Program provide for fire fighters?

The Program provides rescue/recovery workers, including fire fighters with:

Why should I enroll in this program if I already get a yearly physical for work?

The WTC Health Program exam is a comprehensive exam designed to screen for any WTC-related health conditions. As a member of the WTC Health Program, you have access to physicians and specialists who have experience working with 9/11 responders and/or diagnosing and treating WTC-related health conditions. You also receive free treatment for any WTC-related health conditions diagnosed during your WTC monitoring exam. Finally, as a member of WTC Health Program, you are helping researchers understand the health impacts of the WTC attacks; this data will be used to help secure long term funding for the Program as well as help future disaster response workers.

Am I eligible for any financial compensation for my work at the WTC site?

Yes, if you suffered physical harm as a result of your work at the WTC site, you can apply for financial compensation through the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Financial compensation is also available for families of deceased WTC workers.

I already receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for a 9/11-related injury. Why should I also enroll in the WTC Health Program?

Both workers compensation and the WTC Health Program provide benefits for workers suffering from injuries or illnesses as a result of their work after 9/11. However, the WTC Health Program has the following advantages:
  • Being part of an ongoing medical monitoring program that will continue to pay for the screening and treatment of 9/11 related injuries and illnesses for the next 10 to 15 years
  • As a member of the WTC Health Program, there is no need to go through a workers compensation board or workers compensation lawyers to receive your benefits
  • The WTC Health Program covers ALL out of pocket expenses associated with illness and injury treatment, including prescription drugs, outpatient and inpatient hospital visits, and surgical procedures. For example, if workers comp only pays 75% of your medical care then the WTC Health Program would pay the additional 25%. The WTC Health Program will also pay for care for associated conditions to your certified condition, if it is deemed appropriate.

Is this program available for Pentagon or Shanksville PA responders?

Yes. Enrollment for first responders of the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA crash sites began on May 1, 2013. Pentagon responders are eligible if they participated at the site for at least one day beginning September 11, 2001, and ending November 19, 2001. Shanksville responders must have participated at that site for at least one day beginning September 11, 2001, and ending October 3, 2001.

To apply for the program as a Pentagon or Shanksville responder, follow these directions and download the application here (PDF).

What are the eligibility requirements to enroll?

Fire fighters who provided rescue, recovery, demolition, debris clean up, and support services (including counseling support) at the WTC site are eligible to enroll, even if you volunteered your time. Click here for eligibility information and enrollment instructions.

Fire fighters who responded to the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA crash sites are also eligible to enroll. Click here for eligibility information.

Are fire fighters from Canada eligible to enroll?

Yes, Canadian members are eligible for the WTC Health Program. However, there are no clinic locations in Canada. Participants must travel, on their own expense, to the United States for their WTC monitoring exam. The WTC Health Program does not provide any financial reimbursements for travel expenses.

Canadian enrollees do not need to fill out a special application. Simply fill out the appropriate application: NYC Responder (PDF) or Pentagon/Shanksville Responder (PDF) and submit it along with your supporting documentation. Click here for detailed enrollment instructions.

There is a section on the enrollment form asking for a government identification number; this section is optional and not required. You may provide your Canadian passport number or Canadian driver’s license number under the “other” category if you wish to do so, specifying that it is a Canadian government ID number.

Once your application is approved, you will be referred to the Nationwide Provide Network, which will help you find the clinic location that is closest to your home.

I responded to the WTC site as part of a FEMA team. Are federal fire fighters eligible for the WTC Health Program?

Yes, federal employees are eligible for the WTC Health Program. Any fire fighter who worked at the WTC site as part of a FEMA response team should fill out a responder application.

I don’t have any proof that I worked at the WTC site. Can I still enroll in the Program?

Yes. You can ask coworkers, family members, your department officer, or union president to write a letter stating that you worked at the WTC site. Click here for more guidance on supporting documentation. Even if you cannot get any documents, write a description about how you tried to find documentation of your WTC work and why you couldn’t find it.

What happens if my enrollment application is denied?

Each WTC Health Program application is evaluated on an individual basis. If the Program staff determines that you did not provide enough documentation of your WTC work, you will be asked to provide additional supporting documents; or write a description of why you are unable to provide anymore supporting documents. If your application is ultimately denied, there is an enrollment appeals process. Please call the WTC Health Program regarding any questions about your enrollment status: 1-888-982-4748

What if I was diagnosed before joining the Program?

If you have already been diagnosed with a health condition that the Program provides coverage for, you may still be eligible for medical benefits. A WTC Health Program provider would need to certify your condition as being related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Once certified, you may begin receiving benefits under the Program.

It’s been over 11 years, why should I see a doctor now?

Though the September 11th attacks were over a decade ago, many first responders continue to experience physical and mental health symptoms as a result of their experience. Current or eligible responders may not recognize that some cancers, a chronic cough, difficulty sleeping, or frequent heartburn could be a 9/11 related condition. Doctors with the WTC Health Program are experts in identifying these illnesses and providing the highest quality care.