9/11 VCF Deadline Approachin

To register with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF)

If you suffered an injury or were diagnosed with an illness as a result of your work at the WTC site any time before October 3, 2011, then you must register with the VCF by October 3, 2013. By submitting a registration form, you are registering with the VCF as a potential claimant. Once you are registered with the VCF, you may begin the process of submitting a claim.

Individuals who have developed 9/11-related conditions after October 3, 2011 have two years from the date of diagnosis to register with the VCF.

Click here for a fact sheet on filing deadlines for the Victim Compensation Fund.

For more information on the Victim Compensation Fund, visit their website: http://www.vcf.gov/index.html