Why you should enroll in the WTC Health Program

Help your fellow fire fighter.

  • Information learned by screening both sick and healthy workers will lead to better preparation for future disasters and improved understanding of effective and safe disaster response.
  • Data will help us understand the health effects of unique environmental exposures and how to best protect workers against these hazards.

Learn more about your health status.

  • You can enroll in the Program even if you currently don’t have any health problems as long as you either responded or assisted with clean up efforts.
  • The medical screening may detect health conditions that you are not aware of and that may be corrected or slowed with early treatment.
  • Monitoring your health status over time can help your doctor identify any concerning trends.

Take advantage of resources that are available to you

  • Many healthy fire fighters choose not to enroll in the Program because they do not want to take away resources that would otherwise go to sick fire fighters. This is a common misconception.
  • The Zadroga Act created the WTC Health Program to provide long term health care for ALL exposed fire fighters from the WTC, Pentagon, and Shanksville disaster sites.
  • Participating in the Program does not take away resources from others. Increased enrollment in the Program shows that this Program is needed and valuable. Low enrollment in the Program gives the impression that it is not needed.



There are four eligibility categories. Pick the category that best describes what you did during the 9/11 disasters.

  • FDNY Responder– a member of the Fire Department of New York City (whether fire or emergency personnel, active, or retired) who participated at least one day in the rescue and recovery effort at any of the former World Trade Center sites. View detailed description
  • General Responder– a worker or volunteer who provided rescue, recovery, demolition, debris removal, and related support services in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, but was not affiliated with the Fire Department of New York. View detailed description
  • NYC Survivor– a person who was present in the New York City disaster area or in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center as a result of their work; residence; or attendance at school, child care, or adult day care. View detailed description
  • Pentagon/Shanksville, PA Responders– For emergency responders, recovery and cleanup workers, and volunteers who were directly involved in the response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the Pentagon in Arlington, VA and the Flight 93 crash near Shanksville, PA. View detailed description